Dissertation Binding Tips

12 June 2019

Dissertation Binding Your dissertation or thesis is the end product at the completion of your undergraduate or postgraduate degree or PhD, and it heavily influences the result that you come out with. Your dissertation is one of the most important pieces of work that you will create and usually takes hundreds of hours to produce. […]

Thames Valley manual printing

1 May 2019

The Printroom Group are regarded as The Thames Valley Manual Printing Experts. From our dedicated Thames Valley printing production hub in Bracknell, we offer an extensive range of manual printing services with all options available including single and double-sided printing options. Printing Your printed manuals can be printed in either colour or black and white […]

How To Save Money In Your Print Supply Chain

1 May 2019

Staying competitive in your market is not just about sales — supply chain management is just as important. Approaching your print supply chain management with some of the ideas below can save excess spend. They can help your business to stay lean by “cutting the fat” from your expenses. Many companies waste money simply by inefficient print […]

What Type of Binding should I use for my Training Manuals?

1 May 2019

When you are designing your Training Manual there are four main ways of presenting your manual. These are: Wire bound (or spiral bound) Coil Bound Perfect Bound Ring Bound The way you decide to bind the manual depends on the way you run your training course and how you want to present your documents. Another […]

Benefits Of Outsourcing High-Volume Copying

1 May 2019

High Volume Copying: A single document for an in-house use like meeting notes can be printed on your desk printer or MFD (Multi-Function Device) in the office. However, for larger volumes of printing, this is going to result in a loss of both money and resources. Most print companies that have digital black and white […]

Tips for Creating and Printing Training Manuals

27 April 2019

Training manuals that need to be both effective and cost-efficient. We have created this blog to help you create useful sales training manuals. Technical manuals, Human Resources Training manuals, client services training manuals and safety training manuals. These tips are designed to help you get the best out of your training manuals and make sure […]

Tips on creating an Effective Book Cover

27 April 2019

You have obviously heard the phrase “Never Judge A Book by Its Cover”. The thing is that people do, a book with an uninviting bland cover does not sell. Well to be correct it can sell, but not as well as a book with a great, well designed, inviting cover. It has been well documented […]

Employee Handbook Printing Tips

27 April 2019

Companies of all sizes are compelled to have an employee handbook. The employee handbook is a compilation of the procedures, company policies and company guidelines in any company. It sets out company expectations and working conditions in the workplace. Employee handbooks are one, if not the most, important documents distributed by an employer. A lot […]