How To Import a PDF into InDesign

22 June 2020

Importing a PDF into InDesign is easier than you think! InDesign is an excellent tool for creating printable documents and design. It may be out of your control in which someone may supply you with a PDF instead of the original artwork file (often an InDesign .indd file). This may be for a few reasons. […]

How to Write a Human Resources Manual

22 June 2020

What is a Human Resources Manual? A Human Resources (HR) Manual, also referred to as an Employee Handbook, is a useful guide for both employers and employees to understand the rules and running of their workplace. An HR Manual can often be referenced in legal cases, so they must be accurate and as in-depth as […]

Designing a Training Course

21 June 2020

Congratulations, you’ve been asked to lead a training course! Helping others learn a new skill is something of great privilege, so you know you’ll need to do your best for them to come away with as much information as they need to know. So how do you do this? The critical point to start creating […]

How to Order Your Printing Online

20 June 2020

Ordering your printing online can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially when ordering large sizes or quantities.  At Printroom, we are here to help. We have a team dedicated to making sure that your print is exactly how you want it to be so that you have less to worry about. We want your […]

Preparing Your Retail Business for Coming Out of Lockdown

19 June 2020

Understandably, as a nation who uses retail business and suchlike on a daily basis, we are all wanting things to get back to normal. The COVID-19 pandemic and our necessary national lockdown have seen many businesses closing for a period, due to government rules which put our health and safety first. Waiting to get back […]

What is an ISBN Number and How Do I Add It To My Book?

18 June 2020

If you are looking into self-publishing your book and this is your first time, you may not know about ISBN’s. If you do, you may be unsure as to why you need one. We’re here to help take you through what they are for, and how to get one. What is an ISBN Number? An […]

Planning a Training Session

14 June 2020

Improving your planning technique to provide an effective training session. A training session could be a private or public venture. You may be training internally for employees, or offering hobby or education classes. Whatever it may be, congratulations! You have been given a fantastic opportunity to help others grow! Take a moment to be proud […]

Document Printing Tips

22 April 2020

Ready to print? Please take a look at our helpful checklist below for our document printing tips. Make sure you’ve done everything you can before finalising your print. CMYK Colours If you have a colour print, make sure that your colours are set to CMYK, not RGB. If you print RGB colours, you run the […]

Dissertation Binding Tips

12 June 2019

Dissertation Binding Your dissertation or thesis is the end product at the completion of your undergraduate or postgraduate degree or PhD, and it heavily influences the result that you come out with. Your dissertation is one of the most important pieces of work that you will create and usually takes hundreds of hours to produce. […]

Thames Valley Manual Printing

1 May 2019

Printroom Group is regarded as the Thames Valley Manual Printing Experts. From our dedicated Thames Valley printing production hub in Bracknell, we offer an extensive range of manual printing services with all options available including single and double-sided printing options. As well as this, we also offer other services. These include large format printing, fulfilment […]