Employee Handbook Printing Tips

Companies of all sizes are compelled to have an employee handbook. The employee handbook is a compilation of the procedures, company policies and company guidelines in any company. It sets out company expectations and working conditions in the workplace.
Employee handbooks are one, if not the most, important documents distributed by an employer. A lot of planning and thought goes into creating an employee handbook as well as legal advice to cover both the employee and employer in any legal dispute.

Printing an employee handbook

Employee handbooks are best printed digitally as printing can be produced in smaller batches. This is something that works well because if anything changes to your company policies then you can quickly amend and print within a short time frame. It also means that if you need a certain number of handbooks your ca prints the exact amounts. Printing can be done in bulk lithographically, however although in larger quantities the cost can come down if changes are made then the printed handbooks need to be destroyed and re-printed. Digitally printing employee handbooks also means that books can be printed with variable data including, names and addresses as well as other personalisation meaning that the employee handbook is totally personal to the employee intended.

What paper stocks should I use for my Employee handbook?

Depending on the number of pages in your employee handbook the most common sizes are either 100gsm bond stock or 130gsm Silk stock. Silk stock is a mix of both gloss and matt. It has a coating on the paper and this gives the pages a more professional look but its not glossy like a brochure.

What Size Should I print My Employee Handbooks?

A5 (148mm x 210mm) is the most popular size. This is more cost effective than regular A4 (210mm x 297mm) and is also easy to store in a desk or at home.

How Should I bind my Employee Handbook?

Employee handbooks can be bound using either ring binding, wire binding, perfect binding or simply folded and stitched. The most popular way is folding and stitching books, however any of these methods works well. Perfect binding looks the most professional, although wire binding works out more cost effective especially for smaller runs.
Should I print my Handbook in Colour or Black and White?
Colour handbooks work well if you have infographics and photos inside, colour also can give amore of a friendly feel to your handbooks. Making them look not so stuffy. However black and white handbooks are a lot more cost effective and work just as well in conveying information. Colour covers can also be used if using black and white inside pages.

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