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Ring-bound Manuals

Ring binding is a popular binding method to bring together large manuals and documents as they have a number of advantages over wire binding and perfect binding.

Ring-bound manuals and documents can be laid flat on surfaces for ease of use and are easy to open, meaning that sections can easily be replaced when they become out of date.

After the manuals are printed, they are hole punched and inserted into the binders by hand. Our binders come in various sizes to hold a small manual or a large manual.

Binder Sizes
  • 15mm Binder- Holds up to 100 sheets
  • 25mm Binder- Holds up to 170 sheets
  • 40mm Binder- Holds up to 290 sheets
  • 50mm Binder- Holds up to 370 sheets
  • 65mm Binder- Holds up to 500 sheets
Volume is based on 100gsm stock and is a guide only
Inners Material
Inner Pages Printing
Number of tabs
Binder Type
Quantity Minimum order: 1